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Science is not a belief system or something to take on faith.I am wary of the argument which states that when an observation about the world contradicts one person’s understanding of Genesis, the observation be false or an illusion.The one invariant is the Word itself, which will always exist as the absolute truth.Two things that do change over time are the body of knowledge about the world and man’s interpretation of some peripheral areas of the Bible.

We don’t know why God permitted, and continues to permit this.

Creation science, in its various forms which I will describe, is a false science which has infected our churches, schools, and legislature, and threatens the very fabric of how we run our country.

When followed to its conclusion, and especially when used as an apologetic tactic to unbelievers, creation science casts God as a deceiver.

There will be a day when we are finished proclaiming the Gospel.

However, that day will not come until our Lord and Savior returns, and the Bible teaches us that will be a day of division and war.

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In cases where science has revealed something to be true to them beyond any doubt on their own part, and yet is contrary to a literal interpretation of one (or many) verses in the Bible, , strict literalists somehow rationalize this within their minds and gloss over this. But in other cases where they personally cannot experientially prove something to their own satisfaction, some believers feel more comfortable sticking with the view that other peoples’ discoveries about the world are an illusion or are falsehoods rather than go through the trouble of investigating further with due diligence.

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