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5050dating was first created as a dating website in 2015 and is privately owned and situated in Auckland, New Zealand. Going 50/50 in a 'no strings attached you pay for yours and I'll pay for mine' coffee is the guiding principle behind our logo.

We believe that going 50/50 where each person pays for their own coffee, places both parties on an equal footing.

Evolution is not switched off because the pill, IUD, condoms and all other forms of contraception came into existence. So it seems that biology grows strings when women have sex. Of course, being higher order beings, we can control our emotions and our biological urges. And the impact of wanting to bond with someone who does not want to bond can leave women feeling disappointed, confused and sometimes hurt. However, from my own personal experience, most women cannot have a sexual encounter and not feel hurt if a man does not call again and is clear he has not intention to do so.

Does the increase in the consumption of women have anything to do with the increase in casual sex?

As this is not possible here online, we believe that introducing yourself using 5050dating's Intro is the next best option.

By introducing yourself you are breaking the ice in a socially acceptable manner.

There are websites that cater to people who are not interested in a relationship other than a brief sexual encounter, or are interested in an ongoing sexual relationship with no promise of a future or of anything more than the sex. Lisa Wade, a sociological professor who authors a blog called Sociological Images, conducted a small study and found that women who hooked up did feel the freedom to say yes to sex but they did not feel like equals to men in the modern sexual culture of young adults. Webber, studied 273 students and found that though students perceive sexual desire to be equal in both men and women, they believed that women were just as capable as men of having sex. In their literature review they reported on studies that showed that although both men and women want emotional commitment, commitment was more important to women, and women often have sex hoping that things will evolve into a relationship.

Liquid courage to have sex often ends in liquid tears afterward.

This is a relatively new field of study and clearly the jury is out on how men and women experience casual sex.

So I will revert to the basic question of nature versus nurture.

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