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With Affleck he seems to hold his own just a teeny bit better than Henry Cavill... said on 6/Aug/18I think his height is range 184-186 cm.

said on 27/Apr/[email protected] he looks at least 2 inches taller than Fallon, what are you talking about? He was probably nearly 6’2 in his prime and rounded up to 6’2 and now he’s shrunk to 6’1 or just barely over. except that its shown in a later shot (of the same scene) that Helms is in flats while Hamm is in dress shoes.Jon said he's 6'1.5 and rounds up to 6'2, while David said he's 6'0.75 (like you've listed him at) and rounds up to 6'1.A lot of celebs that you've listed on this site have been admiting to rounding up lately, and just proving you completely right.He is at least 1 inch shorter than Aaron Staton on Madmen.Staton has the look of a guy who is 6'2" as he usually towers anybody in Madmen.

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